Our goal is to improve the environmental quality of the world by finding economically innovative solutions to solve major problems facing our world today.

As a start, see how we have created a first of its kind, smart recycling system in Tel Aviv.

Turning plastic waste into Beautiful, Smart watering modules.

Pots Farms is a fresh way of thinking.

Pots V0,

its a game changer.


100% Upcycled    100% Hydroponic


For every device Purchased we remove 1 plastic bottle from a landfill.

Water only Once a month and watch your plants flourish.

A first of it's Kind

Climate Warrior - Pots V0


- Beautifully designed.
- Smart automated watering system.

- Made from 100% Upcycled plastic.


Pots Farms pioneering a brand new,

environmentally conscious way to produce.

Pots Farms Logos_FINAL_Final_Black copy.

Give us




All the things You do to create a sustainable future are worthwhile.

Start today and Become an official recycler with Pots Farms and take action against plastic pollution.

What wouldyou like to revcycle

Thanks For helping us Save the world

We are passionate and committed to building a better world.

If you feel connected to the project and want to help us bring the vision to life, you can make a small donation to help us achieve our goals sooner. 

Peace and Love <3